Friday, 21 January 2011

Sat 29 Jan - Landscapes of Governance project

On Saturday 29th at 10:00 in the lecture room at Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Dr Paul Tubb will give a presentation on the Landscapes of Governance project. WANHS intends to join in on this country wide project which hopes to research and identify the moots (assembly sites) in England. More information about the project can be found on the UCL website.

This will be primarily a research and landscape investigation and there is plenty to do, so if you haven't a clue what this is about (and even if you do), see you at the lecture hall.

The centuries after the Roman Empire collapsed has been a poor relation in archaeological research, time to do something about it!

I won’t say beginners welcome, as this is a subject to which most of us are beginners.

Afterwards Lynn will have some finds with her for sorting if some would like to stay and help.

Please come along, even if this project isn't for you, it will be interesting and Jim will make you a cuppa.

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