Thursday, 29 November 2012

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Social Event - Friday 20 December

Come and meet the Experts Yatesbury Social Event at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes Thursday 20th December from 7pm. This is a social evening with drinks and nibbles during which we will be showing some of the finds from this year's field work and talking about the project.  Experts from the team will be discussing some of the various finds - from aeroplane parts, to German POW buttons and even some Roman and Medieval finds! Please bring drink and nibbles if you want, and afterwards a pint and mince pie shall be had afterwards at a fine pub. Time to indulge and get festive!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Join us at Bedwyn Brails this weekend.

Let's hope the rain stays away!

An aerial photograph taken in 1946 shows what appears to be a rectangular feature in an area of the brails to the north of the conduit house which at that time was open ground but is now wooded.  This feature may be a woodland bank or something similar, but as it is on the projected line of the exit pipe from the conduit house is worth a little more investigation.

One of the Longleat Thynne papers transcribed by Graham Bathe referring to the pipe from the conduit house says “I doubt not to have water running in the base court (of the house) or at least within iii feate whear it is best to make the mortar heapes because the water runneth ther and the lyme kiln not farroff.” The purpose of this weekend is to survey the area using plane table and/or tape and offset, and to look for evidence of lime kilns. We hope to have magnetic susceptibility equipment to look for evidence of burning, and an auger to investigate the nature of any buried features revealed. Test pits may be hand dug over anything needing further investigation.

We will be working from 10am to 4pm on both Sunday 6th May and Monday 7th May - with a break for lunch.  Please bring your own refreshments.  Meet in front of the large barns at Hill Barn, but we may park in the bowser field if ground conditions allow.

Contact - Brian Clarke at or telephone 01793 790158 or on 07732 486108 on the day.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

AFG Spring Social

Friday 27 April 7pm start. Come along and meet more of the group, enjoy some refreshments. A representative from English Heritage will be giving a presentation about a project in the Vale of Pewsey they hope the AFG will participate in.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Tuesday 27 March at the Museum

A Finds Identification evening at the Museum starting at 7.30pm. This will include looking at the wonderful myriad of bits and pieces (and hopefully identifying them), some of the nice stuff already identified and a catch up of what we have done and what we plan to do this Spring and in September at the airfield and POW camp.

Nibbles and drinks will be served on the night.

If you are interesting in coming, please let us know - e-mail


At the Museum 10.30am. Newwcomers welcome.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

AFG event Saturday 4 February

Robert Skinner will talk to the AFG on the subject of the West Woods Environs Project, at Wiltshire Heritage Museum on Saturday 4 February at Wiltshire Heritage Museum, starting at 10.30am.

Following that will be a sorting and recording from the 2011 digs.

Everyone welcome.

See the Moot list below (as at 30 January), there are still gaps, any volunteers? As usual any mistakes in the list, please let me know.

Moot Site, Remarks

1, Bishops Cannings,
2, Alderbury,
3, Amesbury, Done
4, Blagrove,
5, Bradford,
6, Branchbury, Complete – No identification possible
7, Cadworth,
8, Calne, Complete
9, Cawdon,
10, Chippenham, In hand but looking as not poss?
11, Cicementone, In hand
12, Cricklade,
13, Damerham, In hand
14, Dolesfield, Complete – No identification possible
15, Downton, In hand
16, Dunley,
17, Dunworth, Complete
18, Elstub, Done Panorama Req
19, Frustfield, Done
20, Heytesbury, Complete
21, Highworth, Complete
22, Kingsbridge, Complete
23, Kinwardstone,
24, Melksham,
25, Mere, Complete
26, Ramsbury,
27, Rowborough,
28, Scipa, Complete
29, Selkley,
30, Staple,
31, Startley, Inhand
32, Stowford, Complete
33, Studfold,
34, Swanborough, Complete – req writing up
35, Thorngrove, Complete
36, Thornhill, Complete – No identification possible
37, Warminster, Complete
38, Westbury, Complete
39, Whorwellsdown, Complete
40, Wonderditch.